Wednesday, September 05, 2007

KROB 2007: A Call for Entries

The 33rd annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation competition awaits new entries. KROB recognizes mastery in hand delineation as well as digital rendering techniques rather than the merit of the building rendered. The winning entries from exhibit characteristics often left out in everyday architectural drafting, such as conveying moods or other-wordly landscapes, and most importantly, they inexplicably move the viewer. Such aspects are not exclusive to the special effects brought about by computer software but also with graphite pencil and watercolor, as these traditional hand techniques give a picture a particular richness and liveliness.

The Ken Roberts Competition is the longest-running architectural illustration of its kind in the United States, awarding cash prizes in categories for both students and professionals and in both hand drawing and digital media. Submissions are to be received by October 31, 2007, and multiple entries per person can be entered. Finalists will have their work exhibited at the office of the competition's sponsor, the American Institute of Architects' chapter in Dallas. The winning entries will be announced and presented at a reception at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas on November 15th, where selected jurors will discuss the qualities of the selected works.

The competition is open to individuals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Entries can be submitted electronically at the competition's website or by mail. All competition details, including entry forms, fees, and background to the competition can be found on If you have any questions on the competition, you can leave a comment under the blog posting or email the competition administrator at the address

This is an extraordinary opportunity for those who have produced veritable works of art in the process of completing building projects for school or for private clients. Unlike most architectural competitions that demand countless hours of unrenumerated work for a project that is often hypothetical in nature, the KROB rewards work that has already been realized for no other purpose than to artfully to describe an architectural concept. The result can be impressive and inspiring.

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