Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why America Will Lose....Unless...

America will lose the war in Iraq as it stands. The loss will not come as a result of insufficient training, inferior equipment, or even the lack of willingness by our troops on the ground. The loss will be a result of the American Media and the weakness of our elected Federal Government Officials. Our Federal Government is under constant attack by those in the media and our treasonous liberal government officials that wish more troops would die. They wish this because the more troops die, the worse it looks for our President. George Bush knows that the war in Iraq is not being fought by the commanders on the ground over there, but fought here on Capitol Hill and in the pages of the press.

Our government has become nothing but a reaction based body that jumps and does things for the Liberal Press. This is no surprise to those of us that follow politics and live on the conservative side of the isle. We are disgusted at what we see in Washington, and know that those who founded this country are rolling in their graves. Soldiers are constantly saying that we need to let them do what they’ve been trained to do. In Boot Camp we try to make our soldiers into warriors, but then send them off to sensitivity training. There is no sensitivity in war, there is no sensitivity in killing, and our enemy has no sensitivity for our way of life. We are trying to fight a sensitive war with a foe that has no tolerance for anyone’s way of life. A good analogy is this: Two men are fighting. One of these men can only punch with his right hand. The other man can fight how ever he pleases. This other man can use kicks to the groin, pull hair, and poke eyes while the first has to only use his right hand. Who do you think will win?

As we know the military, specifically the Marine Corps, is under attack for what the press and Democratic Party is calling a “murderous rampage”. Seven Marines and one Nave Corpsman are accused of killing “innocent” civilians in a fire-fight in Iraq. First of all, we don’t know if they were innocent and are taking the word of the Sunni People over in Iraq. We haven’t even charged our soldiers with anything yet, but have the shackled in solitary confinement. Better treatment is given to child molesters and rapist in prison. This is an absolute disgrace to all Americans. Yes, the Sunni people have provided have footage of bullet holes in the heads of Iraqi civilians, but that doesn’t say where those holes came from. I believe those bullets were put there by the Iraqi people opposing our involvement in their country after those civilians were dead. A building was brought down in the fire-fight thus civilians were unfortunately killed. This gave the Sunni’s the chance they needed to demean the American forces. But wait, wasn’t Saddam a Sunni? Aren’t these people telling us this information loyal to Saddam? Of course they are so why in the hell are we taking their word for it? Because our press is also loyal to Saddam. Our government has once again jumped and sent our soldiers to “Sensitivity Training” to teach them how to cope with the Iraqi people. How weak can we be? Patton would be sick! How in the world can we continue to have a volunteer military when people see their government turn their backs and betray those military men and women that have given so much? I am sickened. Finally, those like John Kerry have gotten their way.

While we are trying to fight the nice war and sending our weakened military to die, the enemies of our country are laughing at us. They mock us and know that we are weakened by the liberal press and the reaction based government that cowers to that liberal press. Osama Bin Laden even said that the American people don’t have the stomach for casualties. The thought that we can stop Iran is laughable. The thought that we will prevent a Civil War in Iraq is a far off thought. Our government simply does not have the testicular fortitude to do what is needed. Rain hell from above. The job of the military is to inflict the maximum amount of destruction in the shortest time possible. The military is there to break the will of the enemy. If that means carpet bombing a city to rubble, that’s what it means. War is hell. We haven’t won a war since World War II. Not Vietnam, Not Iraq. Iraq hasn’t ended yet. Yes, it started in 1991, but hasn’t ended. We’re still there. We will lose if things remain in this constant state of mismanagement. We will lose for the same reasons that Vietnam was lost. Our press and our mindless people don’t have the stomach for death. They don’t have the stomach for war. In war, innocent people die, warriors lust for killing the enemy, and the enemy is brought to submission. Then, and only then, will the enemy country be able to be rebuilt. Just like Japan was and just like Germany was after World War II.

So maybe the liberals are right. Maybe we shouldn’t be in Iraq. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. My opinion is that the soldiers that have died over there will have died in vein if things don’t change. They have not been backed by our government and have lashed over and over by our media. The job cannot be accomplished using political correctness. There is only one way. Complete victory. If I knew that our government would be sending our boys out and be as weak as they are, I wouldn’t support the war effort. I believe the reasons for going to war are just, and I believe the world is a better place without Saddam, but our leadership is entirely unfit to wage war. They are unfortunately “Empty Suits”. Only a leader formed in the mold of George Patton will lead us to victory. Until then, we will continue to see our soldiers die for a failing cause.

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